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At Steel Lake Studio we want to tell stories. Our team has grown up taking in great stories and now we would like to share our own. We want to utilize modern technology to be able to share these stories through a variety of different mediums such as books, audio books, podcasts, and videos. We believe that we are in a new generation of storytelling and look forward to sharing our stories with you.


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Book 2 in the Terror Town Series
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Parallel Quest is a podcast that talks about the stories we love and shares our personal stories of how they have impacted our lives. The discussions cover all sorts of stories from a variety of different media forms such as books, movies, and video games. Put on your nostalgia goggles and join the journey of Parallel Quest. LISTEN HERE

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Storytelling is one of the most ancient of traditions that we have as people. Throughout the years it has involved to incorporate our latest technology in order to tell the best stories that we can. The Haggard Odyssey, though, harkens back to storytelling in its original form: a storyteller sharing a story be it from their personal life, imagination, or a combination of the two. Storytelling is a way to bring people together through shared knowledge and experience, reflecting upon the lessons learned in them around the fireside. Cody Haggard or a guest shares a story every week ranging from tales about growing up in the 90's and 2000's, to retellings of well known ancient tales. 


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