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Something big lurks in Big Bear Forest.

And it wants out!

All Toby Denton ever wanted was to be a famous wildlife expert and have his own television show. Unfortunately, Oakville Creek doesn’t have much in the way of rare animals.

Then one evening, Toby and his younger brother learn of a massive metal wall running through the woods just outside of town. If that wasn’t strange enough, they are told something huge lurks on the other side of that wall.

Toby believes this is his big shot, and he’s willing to do anything to capture the creature on the other side of the wall on camera. Even if it costs the lives of those closest to him!

Brave reader, turn the page and discover The Beast of Big Bear Forest!

Terror Town #3


Something sinister lurks in the backroom of Grandma's house... and it's hungry...

It's the worst weekend imaginable for Jessica Bird. While her parents go on vacation, they leave Jessica at her Grandma Salem's house. With no phone, no friends, and the dullest grandma in the world as company, Jessica prepares to spend the weekend going insane with boredom. Then she sees the boy standing in the window of her room.

Jessica soon discovers that something's not right in Oakville Creek. Her grandma is nothing like she remembered. And why are most of the houses left abandoned? Why does Grandma Salem have so many dolls and do they move when no one's looking? And why is there a strange green light coming from the backroom at Grandma's house?

Jessica is in for a weekend she'll never forget. Brave reader, open the next chapter in the Terror Town series and see why there's Something Strange at Grandma's House!

Terror Town #2


It was supposed to be Chester Talman’s year. He’d grown three inches over the summer, his younger brother stopped bullying him (well, a little bit), and the Oakville Creek Fair was coming to town. There, Chester would finally conquer the scariest ride of them all: The Death Drop.
But once again, misfortune follows Chester. When he learns he’s still too short to ride The Death Drop, Chester will do anything to be taller. Little does Chester know his dreams are about to come true.
After meeting with a strange man called The Fantastic Nigel, Chester receives a bag of Troll Cookies. The Fantastic Nigel promises they will help Chester grow so big that he will never have to worry about his height again. Once Chester eats the first cookie, the real nightmare begins.
Chester is growing now. He’s growing so tall that he can’t fit in rooms anymore or even his house. And his growth won’t stop. Chester starts to suspect that he isn’t just growing. He thinks he’s changing into something. Looks like Chester’s problems just got a little bigger.
Brave readers, open the first book of the Terror Town series, and see what scares lurk on every page!

Terror Town #1

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